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Smart is in the house!


Owners and fans of smart in Beirut have celebrated the brand’s move to the T. Gargour & Fils Dora main showroom with a special party.








“We decided to move smart from its stand-alone site into the main showroom to take advantage of the synergies of the Mercedes-Benz brand such as quality and state-of-the-art technology,” said Joseph Zoghbi, General Manager, T. Gargour & Fils. “The compact brand is the lifestyle model of the Mercedes-Benz range and attracts an eclectic audience who appreciate the brand’s “la joie de vivre et la fraîcheur de cette petite voiture” as it unique place in the urban transport segment.”

Guests enjoyed a spectacular party on March 31 that featured charismatic fire performers and danced the night away to the incendiary beat of a DJ.

T. Gargour & Fils were also keen to give a red hot evening a touch of green and did so by exhibiting the latest smart models including a micro hybrid drive version of the unique compact car brand.



T.Gargour & fils:

As a wholly owned subsidiary of 'Gargour Holding', TGF introduced Mercedes-Benz vehicle to the area back in 1952. Since then, Daimler AG and the Gargour family have enjoyed a very special relationship. This historic alliance between the top automotive producer and a well-established local family has produced a formidable player on the automotive scene.
The sustained efforts of TGF, coupled with the superb design and execution of every Mercedes-Benz vehicle, has created an aura of desirability for Mercedes-Benz cars as the ultimate symbol of success in the region. TGF is proud to have played a constructive role in the distribution and servicing of the world's best luxury cars in Lebanon and Jordan and looks forward to many more years of unconditional commitment to its past, present and future customers.



About smart:


smart is a success story. The smart fortwo has been on the market for twelve  years now, and it has an impressive track record. Since 2009 the intelligent two-seater has been represented in 41 countries worldwide. In December 2009 the new smart fortwo electric drive with a lithium-ion battery was handed over to selected customers in Berlin. smart combines unique driving pleasure with comfort, agility, safety and ecology and, with a length of just 2.69 metres, it is the perfect city car. The smart fortwo established the microcar segment and created a totally new class of vehicle – the "smart class."


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