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Tony Abdel Hak
"Lifestyle of a Ferrari Aficionado"
22th of February 2010

"Self-Motivated" - Tony Abdel Hak

What would drive someone to own three Ferraris? An adoration this strong must come from a lifetime of racing and loving cars. BatoAutoMoto went to meet Tony Abdel Hak in his offices in Achrafieh. Upon entering his office, it is easy to see that his passion for fine Italian sport cars surpasses all others. Tony was active in Rally racing for over 20 years, and it was a joy to meet with him and his co-pilot Nabil Komboz to learn more.




1. What do you do professionally?  

I own the company International Publishers, I am the director, and I have been in this domain for thirty years. We produce encyclopedias and are also now getting into biographical books as well as other subjects.

2. Since when have you been interested in cars?  

Since I was 2 years old! Since then I've been interested in cars.  

3. How did you start racing?

I began when I was twenty, but with seriousness I really started in 82' in the Rally De Montagne. I kept racing until 2003.  

4. Whatís your most memorable race?  

2002, when we began the season, we won within our group. French ace Yves Loubet was in the race driving the same car, yet we still won. That was pretty nice.  

5. Do you have any advice for aspiring race car drivers?  

You have to begin bit by bit . Get plenty of advice from an experienced friend, and practice as much as possible.  

6. What was the first car that you drove in rallies?  

It was a Mitsubishi Gallant.  

7. How many different cars have you driven in rallies?  

Many cars, including Golf GTI, Nissan GTIR, Subaru, cars in all.  

8. What got you into Rallies?  

My passion for cars and for speed.  

9. Is it safe to say you are a Ferrari collector?  

I am not a Ferrari collector. I am a Ferrari passionate. I currently own three Ferraris.  

They are the latest models: 575 Maranello, 430 Scuderia, and the 599 GTB Fiorano.  

Each of them has a different character and driving pleasure.   

10. Which one is the fastest?  


The Scuderia has 500 + horsepower. The 599 has 620hp, and the Maranello 515hp.  

But the 430 Scuderia is lighter therefore it is the fastest.



11. What color are your cars?  

They are all red. I only get red Ferraris, and I have owned 11 Ferraris over the years.  

12. Why Ferraris specifically?  

I never loved another car other than Ferrari. It is a legend.  

13. But you have driven other cars?  

Yes I have a Cayenne Turbo and a Maserati Quattroporte, I have driven many cars but I am loyal to the Ferrari.  

14. What do you drive daily?

Cayenne Turbo and Jaguar Daimler when the traffic is heavy or when itís raining.

15. You are a boat fan as well?

Yes, I bought a boat in 2001, a Princess V50.  

16. Buying new Ferraris requires a big budget I can imagine?  

A little at the start but there is not much of a loss, because they retain their value.  

A Ferrari will not pass 15% in depreciation after three years, whereas most cars will lose 40%  to 55% of their value in the same timeframe.  

17. What are your thoughts on the BatoAutoMoto Project?

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