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Nadine Fakih

22th of February 2010

"Self-Motivated" - Nadine Fakih
"Feminine and Delightfull Woman"The only female manager of a ziebart location

~Ziebart – A Beauty Salon for your Car~





A glimpse into the life of Nadine Fakih

Upon entering Ziebart, customers don't usually expect to find Nadine Fakih managing it! This self-motivated, feminine, and delightful young woman landed in the business and worked her way up, and has the knowledge and experience to thrive in the position. Take your car to Ziebart for special treatment, and meet her for yourself! Nadine is sure to greet you with a smile.


1. How and when did you begin working with Ziebart?

I started as a sales associate, then sales manager, and at the age of 24 I became store manager – and here I am two years later. 

2. What kinds of cars do your customers bring, and what is the most amazing car you've ever seen here?

All kinds of cars, from middle to high end. The high end – we have done them all – many times over.  From the Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche and all kinds of classic cars as well as numerous special edition cars.  Ziebart the world over is a magnet for car connoisseurs – they come to us to protect their investment and their passion.  Diamond Care is their preferred package as it includes Diamond Gloss - a protective layer applied to the paint of the car protecting it from  acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap and mild scratches.  We also added for our sports car clientele - Z-Shield which is a computer-generated and computer-cut transparent thick film that protects low sports cars from stones, chips and the terrible road conditions –specially for low sports cars - in Lebanon.  

3. What is the most popular service?

Diamond Care for new cars and Gold Care for used cars.  Both of these services are discounted packages that protect the exterior and interior of the car as well as include an annually renewable lifetime warranty.  It is this warranty that makes them popular – it in effect encourages the client to have his car 'Ziebarted' every year at almost half the initial price.  Our experience all over the world has shown that clients who follow our yearly program will have a better re-sale price as well as offering the car owner and passangers a continuous ‘feel good factor’.

4. What was the most difficult case your team ever faced?

Well we call it the ‘Pink Rolls Royce’ case that belonged to Saddam Hussein and had a particular issue with its car seats. Of course I won’t mention the things that clients leave in their cars unintentionally – such as the occasional lost diamond. 

5. There are many Ziebart locations all over the world, what makes yours special, besides the fact that you are here?

That’s sweet! But also with 500 Ziebart stores around the world, we were the first and only store to obtain the Master Franchisee Award in our first year of operation for the quality of our service – that makes us special don’t you think? Also of course another difference about this location is that you have a sea view and we are after all in Lebanon!

6. What is the percentage of men vs. woman who come here, and do women in Lebanon take care of their cars as they take care of themselves?

In general our clients are mostly men.  This is rapidly changing however, as women with children are showing a big interest in our anti-bacterial treatment and UV protection and heat-reducing window-tint.  Just imagine your children baking in the sun in a car full of germs – won’t you prefer the Ziebart solutions?  Man or woman - buying a car is a big investment -–  you would want to protect it and its value.

7. Do you see many women with fancy cars?

Of course – and don’t they look good in them?! 

8. What do you like the most about your job?

I love the PR that is involved. Meeting all kinds of people of all ages, negotiating deals andmeeting old and new customers.

9. Are you the only woman in this shop?

I am the only female manager of a Ziebart location – out of 27 locations in the Middle East, but our sales team are all ladies.

10. And how do you deal with all of these men?

Well, we all know that women are smarter than men – so it’s easy!


11. And what are you long term future plans?

I would like to backpack around the world – first class of course – and then think about my future long term plans. 

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