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"I Love Speed"
Alexandre Rizk

29thof October 2009"

"I Love Speed" - Alexandre Rizk"
....and the fine toys that he owns and enjoys as well...Passion for Car!!!

BatoAutoMoto had the opportunity to meet with Alexandre Rizk on his beautiful Sunseeker yacht at La Marina in Dbaye. Speaking about his long-standing interest in fine boats and automobiles, the charming and enigmatic Alexandre Rizk gave us the opportunity to get acquainted with him and his lifestyle: and the fine toys that he owns and enjoys as well.

1. Please tell me a little about your background and what you do.
Well, I graduated from the American University of Paris, where I studied International Business and Political Science. When I returned to Lebanon, I began to work in the family holding. It consists of several companies between Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf. The group is very diversified, from a ski resort, to hotels, to financing real estate; it is very vast. So, I am part of the Rizk holding, and as well I manage my own companies. This is a brief summary of what I do!

2. When did you become interested in boats?
When I was 12 or 13, when my father offered me my first boat, a 5 meter boat with an outboard engine. Since then, it became a hobby, a passion. Since then, every 2-3 years I try to buy a newer one, or a bigger one. Right now I have this Sunseeker, its a Sunseeker 64 Predator, 20 meter.

3. What is your favorite thing about being on the ocean?
Its about being free - no limits. You are relaxed and calm. Sometimes I just take the boat, without the skipper and go sailing alone, and I stop in the middle of the sea, it is very relaxing.

4. Would you ever like to have a sailboat?
No, because it is too slow. That's why I own an offshore boat.

5. So basically you enjoy speed?
Yes I love speed.

6. What are your future plans in the area of yachts?
I plan to get a bigger one, and a faster one!

7. Have you ever used this boat to go to Cyprus, Turkey and Greece?
Yes , you can go wherever you want, you can reach Europe with it. It has three bedrooms, a water tank,a/c, sattelite tv, gps, radar, and autopilot. Everything you need for a trip.

8. On to cars - you have a passion for cars I hear?
Yes, I think that cars and boats are toys for boys. Girls have different hobbies like bags, shoes, dresses; I think that the few luxuries that men have are cars, boats, watches, and yes, I do love sports cars. Every kid loves sports cars, and I have had the chance to own them..

9. Why this car, what is special about it?
Everything about it is special! First of all, it is the car of James Bond. The Aston is handmade, it is a very unique car, not in mass production. Aston is more exclusive, luxurious and powerful. I don't drive it all the time because of the state of the roads, normally I drive a supercharged Range Rover, and I find time on weekends to drive the Aston.

10. Did you ever ride a motorcycle?
Yes, I love motorcycles. I have had a lot of motorbikes. I began with a Z50 Honda, and every year, I changed bikes..

11. Do you have a bike today?
No I don't.

12. If you did have a bike, and you have your cars, and your boat - and you had to let them go in order of least important to most important - what would be the order?
Well, first I would let go of the bike, then the car: I keep the boat. Definitely.

13. Concerning the prices of boats and cars - do you think that in Lebanon they are overpriced?
Boats are not overpriced because they do not have a large tax added on. For a boat 15 meters and up, the tax varies between 1% and 3%. Cars are overpriced in Lebanon, because of the customs. Especially for luxury cars, it is huge.

14. What is a goal you have for the near future?
A bigger boat. One of my goals was to have the Aston Martin. I would like to have a bigger boat, maybe four cabins, a flybridge, something I can take out for two months at a time!

15. Would you ever enjoy living on your boat?
If I had a bigger boat, a huge boat, I would live on it, yes. But I mean a huge one. Its more comfortable than a house. But the cost is high, very high. But to live on the water is nice, yes.

16. Do you have time in your schedule to benefit from owning the Aston Martin and the yacht?
Yes I do find the time, because during the summer, in July and August, I made a rule for myself to stop working around noon. If someone wants to reach me, they can call me. But for the rest of the year, I am at the office very early in the morning, and can stay till very late at night depending on what needs to be done.

17.  How long do you intend to keep the Aston Martin?
I will definitely buy another Ferrari, because i love Ferrari. Not now, maybe in a couple of years. But the Aston, it is proven that the value increases with time. I think that it is an investment luxury car. so i intend to keep it a long time.

18. As a conclusion, what is your personal opinion of the BatoAutoMoto project in Lebanon?
From what I've seen so far, it is a good thing. I don't think you have competition in Lebanon. a project like this needed to be done. I think it will be a blast, and i wish you good luck.


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