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 Cars Interviews

Gulbenk Gulbenk
CEO Gulbnek Corporation
18thof June 2009

We had the pleasure to sit on a quiet Saturday morning with Mr. Gulbenk Gulbenk   the CEO of Gulbenk Corporation specialized in the Photography, Cinema , Audio Visual equipments and accessories. Mr. Gulbenk  was born on June 17th 1944, graduated from College La Salle at Georges Picot  and honored a business administration bachelor from Haigazian University in 1967.

What are your hobbies?
Vantage cars

When did this passion start? 
I started his hobby since I was six years old collecting car toys.

How did this passion start? 
Upon graduation I received my first car from my father as a gift. I remember it was a 1962 white Ford Falcon. I always wanted a Porsche, my dream car, but my father was against this kind of car because of its high speed performance. While at university I bought a Volkswagen Beetle because it reminded me so much of the Porsche design. In 1990 while visiting the USA I bought my first Porsche a 356B-T6 Dark blue, it was the starting point of my collection.

Have you turned your hobby into a professional occupation? 
Yes I have but not as much as I would want to because I put a lot of hours in my business.

Tell us about your collection?
I have today twelve vantage cars:

Porsche 356B-T6 1963 Dark Blue

Porsche 356C-T6 1964 White

Mercedes 190SL 1961 Red Convertible with a black hard top

Mercedes 230SL Automatic  1967 Convertible Silver

Mercedes 230SL 1966 Convertible Green

MGA 1500 1958 White

Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Coupe Veloce  1969 white

Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 1969 Coupe Black

Ferrari Dino 246 GT 1971 Coupe Red

MGB GT 1973 Coupe Mustard

Porsche 911 SC TARGA 1982 White

Porsche 911 SC Cabriolet 1983 White

Jaguar Mark 2 1965 3.4L Brown

Is there a specific car would you like to add to your collection?
My dream car would be the Jaguar E TYPE 3.8L engine 1965 and the Porsche 356C 1965 Cabriolet.

Would you be interested to trade cars with other collectors?
I will be happy to put my wide experience in this field to support other car collectors.

If you have a very interesting offer to sell your car collection, would you do it?

What would be the value of the car you own today?
Inestimable and very precious to me.

Do you have any other hobbies?
Flying remote control air planes, remote control cars and swimming.

Your final comment?
I wish we can have in Lebanon a Vantage Car Museum and a club where collectors could meet and discuss their passion. I wish they can reduce customs duty on Vintage cars.


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