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Boats Interviews

 Joelle Ghannam

  Beirut Boat Show 2011 A must-see marine attraction

Once again, the waves of glamour, luxury and adventure are to hit Beirut’s shores this May when a lavish array of the latest designs and innovations of mega and super yachts, and leisure and sports boats produced by some of the most renowned international, regional and local producers, line up at the Marina Joseph Khoury in the Beirut’ suburb of Dbayyeh to take part at the Beirut International Boat Show 2011, scheduled to take place from 18 – 22 May 2011.




In its seventh edition, Beirut International Boat Show 2011 (BBS), will be the largest and most important event of its kind in the Middle East region, attracting more than 120 companies from many countries around the world including national pavilions from France, Germany and Holland.


The show draws its importance from the unique geographical position of Lebanon on the Mediterranean Sea at the crossroads between East and west and its 225 KM long of coast line, the buoyancy of its marine market and popularity as a tourist destination attracting an increasing number of tourists who flock to the country to enjoy its moderate weather and rich offerings and attractions.







Joelle Ghannam, the project manager of the Beirut boat Show tells us what this year’s round of the exhibition is to bring to marine traders and professionals, and sea enthusiasts.









 §  First, can you tell us what is special about this year’s edition of the show?


As its previous years, the 2011 Beirut Boats Show edition is the must-see marine attraction, offering for boat buyers, resellers, maritime equipment specialists and enthusiasts the opportunity to explore the hundreds of yachts and boats and associated equipment, accessories and services on display. Again it will also enjoy exciting concurrent events, including conferences related to the yachting industry, a fashion show, a media boat party and live music


Building on last year’s success, this year’s show is expected to break all previous records in all terms; the exhibition’s space has doubled compared to last year, all of our last year’s participants confirmed their presence, the mooring area is full while a very limited space is still available on the dry exhibiting area.

 §  what should the visitors of the show expect this year?


The exhibition has something – or many things – to everyone. For super and mega yachts fans, a lucrative array of the latest designs and innovations designed to match their luxurious lifestyle will be on display by some of the top names from around the world. For leisure and sports boats, and jet skis lovers, there will be a wide range that suite every requirement and budget. For sea and beach lovers, it will be the time to shop their summer wear and beach-sports equipment and accessories. This in addition to many other products and services such as components and equipments, maintenance, finance and insurance services, and much more.

 §  You mentioned something about some renowned brands present in this year’s edition, so whom do we expect to see during this May’s show?


The exhibition puts together some of the leading names from around the world. Among the renowned brands taking part this year; Ferretti, princess, Azimut, Sea Ray, Gulf Craft, Sunseeker, Prestige, Westport, Emocean, Riva, marquis, are few to mention.

 §  What benefits does such an event bring to Lebanon’s economy and tourism sector in specific?


Year after year, Beirut Boat proves itself as a vital opportunity that contributes to Lebanon’s economy in different ways whether to the tourism sector by attracting a large number of visitors to Lebanon, or to the Lebanon’s marine industry as the exhibition is nowadays is well positioned as an important annual meeting venue on the international marine calendar of events.


From the tourism aspect, it has been drawing an increasing year-over-year number of participants and visitors from around the region and many parts of the world, thus, becoming an important opportunity that enhances public awareness about Lebanon’s tourist attraction and offerings as many of the guests visit the country for the first time and go back to their countries to return back for holidays, or tell their peers about their unforgettable experience in Lebanon.

 §  How does the event contribute in boosting Lebanon’s leisure marine industry?


The Event further positions Lebanon as “The Moor of the Mediterranean” as more and more luxury yachts owners - mainly wealthy individuals from all over the Arab countries, and even Europe - are choosing Lebanon to dock their yachts all around the year. Lebanon’s moderate weather and water temperature, rather than cheaper docking and maintenance costs compared to Europe and neighboring GCC countries, makes it an ideal choice for them to keep their yachts here, use it in their short or summer holidays to enjoy sailing it around the country shores, or even sail it to European marinas during summer season for those who spend their summers there.

  However, Lebanon is poised to play a bigger role in the regional marine industry when more and more marinas developments come into existence. Lebanon’s yachts and boats trade is already a booming sector with a 20 % average growth rate year over year.


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