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 Boats Interviews

Charles Maarawi
Vice President
22nd of May 2009

What are the true reasons to organize the exhibition at this time despite of the world financial crisis?
There is no doubt that the crisis has a big effect, but life must go on and people have to live their life and benefit from available things in it. As for the exhibition timing, we hoped to make it during the Beirut Yacht Exhibition, held once yearly. But after its cancellation we decided to do an exhibition on our own. Itís the Yachting Event. We invited our clients and sent private invitations for persons that are interested in this kind of exhibitions, and cares for this business. We hope it will be successful. 

What are the characteristics of this exhibition? Might it be the fact that it is ďTop of RangeĒ?
No, in fact we have everything in this exhibition, you will find from smallest yachts with a 19 feet length to the luxury 40 meter yachts. The prices vary between 40000 USD and 22 million USD. There is also the sport fishing boats, the fast speed boats, the high performance open boats and the mega yachts. 

In addition of the importance of exhibiting these yachts in Lebanon, do you think the Lebanese market can hold a 20 million USD yacht?
Lebanese market is not stranded for Lebanese only; there is also Arab and Gulf customers that benefit from its location. Not to forget to mention that in Lebanon we have many marinas that offer all the facilities, services and latest equipments to the customers. Also the easiness to move inside the basin of Mediterranean from Lebanon to Cyprus, Greek islands, Italy, France, Tunisia and Egypt. All exotic destinations encourage boat owners to lay their boats in the Lebanese marinas. 

Does that mean that the Lebanese market is efficient?
The Lebanese market is very good, and we, as exclusive agents of Ferretti in the Middle East, can assure you that now the Lebanese market is the best. 

Itís surprising!
Yes, it is. We are opening now in Egypt, in the region of Algona, where there is a considerable demand for yachts.  

What about the Marina exhibition? Was there a significant presence?
It was crowded. But as I told you, we do not care for the number of customers; we care for the quality, for customers interested in new boats.

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