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 Boats Interviews Mohammad Chehab
Honesty, Integrety,, Quality, Innovation and Reliability are Primary Reading at Chahab Marinne"

Honesty, Integrity, Quality, Innovation and Reliability are a primary reading at Chehab Marine.

It was with these clear thoughts that BatoAutoMoto was introduced to the lifestyle of CHEHAB MARINE which was established by  Mr. Mohammad Z. Chehab in 2003. Mr. Mohammad Z. Chehab made it clear to us that “To measure the quality of a certain company’s success you have to consider the quality of the services it provides “.  With more than 18 years of experience in marine business, Mr. Mohammad Z. Chehab equipped Chehab Marine with all the essentials needed to become one of the leading yacht companies in Lebanon and parts of the Middle East.


BatoAutoMoto had the chance to meet Mr. Mohammad Chehab at his office in Minaa Al- Hosn, Beirut, and here is what he had to share.

-How did Mr. Mohammad Chehab get into the boating business?

I always had a passion for sailing and for the sea, when I was young I used to go for sailing trips. This passion grew up with me and with time I took Yacht driving courses in Italy where I earned the title of captain. From that point I was determined to establish my own boat business and thus fulfilling my dream. In 1993 I sent the first two CRANCHI boats to Beirut and this was only the beginning of the journey.







-Where are CHEHAB MARINE showrooms located?

Our offices are situated right here in Starco building Minaa Al-Hosn, Beirut. We also have a service center in Dbayeh and more than 50 boats displayed at “La Marina





-What boats and yacht brands do you offer at CHEHAB MARINE?

Actually we have a wide range of brands. In less than 7 years CHEHAB MARINE became one of the biggest yacht traders in the marine business representing major brands such as PRINCESS Yachts, CRANCHI, RINKER, ARIMAR and AVON. This to say that CHEHAB MARINE is able to supply any new and used yacht in the market.




-Speaking of used yachts, what is your company’s view in this field?

One of the most important after sales services we offer our client at CHEHAB MARINE is the “buy back” option, and this done by agreeing prior to the  purchase of a new yacht that we would buy it back if the client decides to buy another one after a certain period of time and thus at an acceptable depreciation rate which is usually around 15% for the first year and 10% for the second.

-Apart from the “buy back “option in what other ways do you provide support for your client?

Experience has taught us that after sales support is as important as the quality of our products. Our technicians are sent periodically to Volvo Penta and MTU training sessions and workshops to help us stay ahead of the competition and they are available 24 hours a day to intervene when the need arises. Our services cover all aspects in boat management. Primarily, this includes service and maintenance, yacht detailing and cleaning, bottom boat cleaning, fiber glass repair, gel coat painting, woodwork, varnishing and electronic installations. We might also take care of the boat mounting, crew placement. We also offer financial facilities to our clients

-We saw the launch of the majestic new PRINCESS V52 at the Beirut boat show this year, how can you briefly introduce PRINCESS yachts and what is the advantage of the V52 model?

PRINCESS yachts are British made yachts since 1965. Their models range between 42 and 130 feet. They simply reflect British perfectionism and luxury. As to the new Princess V52 the arrival of the new V52 is a landmark event in the evolution of the Princess model range. For the first time a V Class sports yacht of this size is available with an enclosed deck saloon the sleek profile of the V52 confirms her positioning in the heart of the V Class range, with her powerful twin engines and Forward thrust which is delivered with precision control through custom-machined propellers and twin shafts driven through V-drive gearboxes. This configuration benefits the lower accommodation space but importantly also perfects her centre of gravity to enable a sophisticated ride and agile handling that have become definitive V Class characteristics.

Complementing the fully ‘open’ models within the main deck of the V52 consists of two independent entertaining areas, the aft cockpit with a large U-shaped dinette and convertible sunbed, plus the enclosed main deck saloon comfortably located forward of triple sliding glass doors. This arrangement significantly increases the V52’s interior accommodation space while still enabling owners all the enjoyment of open boating with a fixed hardtop that incorporates a large electrically-opening section above the helm. 

-Will we be seeing any new PRINCESS models soon?

Actually PRINCESS will be unveiling two new models in 2011.

A 40M long range tri-deck cruising yacht that offers an unprecedented level of luxury and a high degree of personalization. Exceptionally spacious, she can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests in complete privacy with separated quarters for up to eight crew. The owner is accommodated in a magnificent suite on the main deck while throughout the boat there is ample scope for personalization, ensuring the Princess 40M provides the ultimate environment for entertainment and all round relaxation.

The 32 M class, a powerful flybridge yacht with a separate raised wheelhouse and sporting unparalleled sea keeping capabilities. Extremely spacious, she provides sumptuous accommodation for up to 10 guests with a high level of privacy to provide a sanctuary of relaxation. The Princess 32M can be configured with either three or four ensuite staterooms for guests in addition to the owner's suite which takes pride of place located forward on the main deck.

-What about CRANCHI yachts?

Cranchi is an Italian brand that been in business for more than 100 years. Although it started out small as a builder of open wooden motorboats, it's now a multinational brand with worldwide distribution ranging between 27 and 64 feet. With the introduction of the new 64 HT, Cranchi takes a step forward, as this model is much bigger than the next largest cruiser in the series, a 54.

Rather than use the hull as just a platform to support a sleek superstructure, Cranchi created a hull shape that really enhances the boat's overall style. Molded lines are scalloped into the topsides; to these features, the builder added what appear to be the largest hull windows ever seen on a cruiser this size. Then there are the mirrored windows in the bridge enclosure, which flow up and then down, punctuating the 64's bold style, the exciting exterior of this Cranchi will take your breath away when you see it for the first time.

The 64 these features come standard, and they are extensive, from the portable electric sunshades for the sun beds to a shower on the foredeck to the infrared night camera on the mast. All are part of the base package. In fact, there is no options list. The only choices you do have to make concern interior fabrics.


-Is there any major inconvenience in owning a boat in Lebanon?

The lack of places to moor the boats at the marinas is posing a big problem nowadays. The number of boats is exceeding by far the available mooring spots in the water. In addition there is only one dry dock available at “LA MARINA JOSEPH KHOURY in Dbayeh, in order to clean and maintain the boats.  The waiting period to be able to reserve it and make use of it is indeed a big inconvenience. With the rising number of boats, we will be facing a big problem in the future.

-What are CHEHAB MARINE’S future plans?

Well we started 2010 by enhancing the marine accessories section in the company and we brought in specialized people for the purpose of providing our clients with endless marine accessories. This includes deck matting, gangways, fiberglass products and safety equipment. As for our future plan, we will be launching our new showroom situated on Dora highway which can accommodate up to 7 yachts and includes as well a big marine store for ship chandelling and various accessories.

-At the end and in brief, from your expertise in the field what is the ultimate cause behind a passionate boat lover satisfaction?

With no doubt an unforgettable experience. And we at CHEHAB MARINE try in every possible way to offer our clients a memorable one in every aspect.


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