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TANGRAM 3DS Virtually Renders M/Y Oculus,

Launching Tomorrow’s Super Yachts, Today



Tangram 3DS, a firm specializing in visualization and computer animation, announced it’s collaboration with Schopfer Yachts, LLC. As a company dedicated to the pursuit of advanced yacht design and technology, Schopfer Yachts wanted to make a statement in the global yachting community with its first design concept; the 250-foot vessel, Oculus.


To achieve this goal, Kevin Schopfer, president of Schopfer Yachts, chose Tangram 3DS for their proven strategic process, technical capabilities, and award-winning architectural visualization. Schopfer literally came to Tangram with only sketches drawn out on napkins. Collaborating back and forth, Tangram was able to bring those sketches to life, through design studies, renderings, and finally animation. Highlighting the yacht’s design details and extraordinary comfort and style, Tangram created an animation that is a showcase for Schopfer’s first design concept for the yachting community.


Animating both interior and exterior views of Oculus, Tangram walks the viewer through the details of the design concept. Designed to accommodate 12 guests in extraordinary comfort and style, Oculus is a long distance cruising yacht.



The exterior styling is representative of the jaw and eye socket bone structure of large oceanic fish and mammals. The interior features of Oculus focus on a 12-foot high ceiling in the main salon, a cylindrical double height dining room, and a central stairway. The second level is the dedicated owner’s suite. The owner’s stair connects to the third level aft private salon, with a deck/water feature. The third level contains the forward pilothouse and separate captain’s quarters. The generous open decks are located forward and aft for convenient guest use. A third tubular deck/balcony is suspended on the second level adjacent to the Owner’s suite.


For Tangram, the key to their successful solutions is to build upon the extraordinary designs and concepts of their clients to bring projects to life through animation and visualization. “To be able to visualize a design project in 3D and through animation, allows potential buyers or stakeholders in a project to envision the final result,” said Stefan Vittori, president and founder of Tangram 3DS. “And in this situation, Kevin needed to deliver an amazing and captivating design concept that would set the tone for the start of what we hope will be a successful venture.”

“Tangram 3DS’ team is professional, talented and flexible,” states Schopfer.  “Their work on the Oculus project provided great detail, capturing the spirit of the design with remarkable clarity and precision. As we continue to build up this fledgling company, I look forward to working together on more design concepts.


Schopfer Yachts was founded in 2008 as a U.S. based company dedicated to the pursuit of advanced yacht aesthetics and technology. Schopfer Yachts is among a new breed of yacht companies, which will secure strategic alliances with the world’s finest naval architects and shipyards. This strategy will allow the flexibility to explore a wide range of design venues while insuring these designs meet and exceed the highest level of maritime standards. As we enter the next generation of yachting design, we offer our design collection to the global yachting community and to perspective owners who share our vision of innovation and excellence.


Tangram 3DS is located in historic Portsmouth, New Hampshire. A visualization and design solution company, Tangram 3DS provides clients with customized services in design visualization, animation, and 3D library creation. The company’s services include 3D modeling, architectural visualization and presentation, animation, photo simulation, and visualization and animation for engineering, industrial and product design, and furniture and millwork. Tangram works with international and national clients including Kevin Schopfer designer of the Oculus Yachts; Equity Residential of Boston; Equity World, International; James R. Childers Architects of Arkansas; TRO Jung|Brannen of Boston; and TPG Development, International.



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